Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take a walk in someone elses shoes

Homelessness is not a disease. Its a way of life. Some choose this way of life, most dont. I believe that people that talk ill of the less fortunate havent spent time with them and listened to their stories. I, for one have spent time with these people and i have learned that their are a few who are what people think. Lazy, addicted to alcohol, or other substances. Some have lost their children and their familys through their addictions. Some have none, or very little education. Some have mental illness,which I can tell you first hand that society shuns and doesnt understand. Some are Vietnam veterans that just lost respect and hope from the American people. It takes only a small thing , like losing your I.D or an apartment to send your life in a downward spin. Some dont have any family that will help them. The longer you stay on the streets, you become unkempt, unfeeling and bitter about how you are treated by people. Even people that knew you when you were doing well,and even family. If you dont have a place to take a shower and clean clothes to put on, whose going to hire you? Some of these people are very talented. From carpenter,comedian to muscians, every body has a talent or many talents. They all have one thing in common as we all do..survival. I, just recently asked a homeless friend of mine, what do you want for Christmas? He responded by saying, "I could use a long soak in a tub or a good hot shower". That response, to me, says it all! Love ALL your brothers and sister!


  1. I completely agree! To have a home or not to have a home, doesn't make you any less of a person. Actually people that are homeless have many skills that others don't. And they probably see, hear, and and understand things we don't. Also, if you have never lived without something, can you fully appreciate it? Well, I think you can definitely appreciate it, but not to the extent of someone who has lived without it. There is a homeless man that walks and rides his bike all through Plattsburgh. He is very handsome, clean, and has the most beautiful blue eyes. I think he is homeless by choice. He goes wherever he wants, whenever he wants. It's almost a freedom I have envied at times; not to be held back by anything. Don't get me wrong, when it comes down to it, I am very content with my home and would never want to trade, but who is to say one is right and the other is wrong? Not, me, thats for sure!

    Haha sorry I wrote so much aunt max, but I hear ya on this one.

  2. well said, the Bible talks a lot about the poor and the needy. God has a heart for them and so should we. we are a sad bunch of people arent we when it comes to helping someone less advantged than us, or are they...? maybe we should be less concerned about the jay leno show or who messed up in hollywood today. who really cares about them either? just something to make us feel better about ourselves..kind of like when we look down on the poor. shame on us.