Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Little Sister

My dear sisters name is Debra (we call her Debbie) or when we're being silly we call her rose (her middle name). She is the sister of all sisters. She is the kindest, most thoughtful person I know. She has brought up her oldest daughter, Jade, to be one creative woman and also beautiful . She has two boys named Andrew and Kyle. Her youngest daughter is Nichole. Nichole is not just creative,she is a lovely woman inside and out. they broke the mold when she was born.....Now back to my sister I'm so proud of. Deb had a tough time of it when she was growing up. You would never know it. I remember one time we were at a health clinic in Syracuse years ago. Andrew was just a toddler and wanted a kiss from his grandma, so, he stuck his little face in the air in a motion (that all grandma's know) that he wanted a kiss. My sister answered his request with a kiss. Andrew was playing with a little boy that was there. This little boy was a needy little angel needing his nose wiped badly, and a most definite diaper change. The little boy saw the action taking place between his new found friend and the strange lady. He then decided, in his child innocence, to get a kiss too. He followed his friends moves and stuck his little face up in the air as Andrew had done. And lo and behold he got a kiss on his streaked little cheek. My sister never saw the snotty little nose( and face). She just saw a little boy needing some love and attention. The little boy was so happy, he hopped away humming, as children do when they are content. My sister never skipped a beat. She just went back to reading her magazine. I, on the other hand saw one of the most precious expressions of unconditional love I that only an angel can give. That is only one tiny example of what my little sister is capable of....more to follow!

Friday, November 27, 2009